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September 3, 2011

The Volcano (New and Improved Cold Cocktail...tastier)

The Volcano (antiviral)
1-2 TBS Aloe Vera
1-2 TBS Peach Nectar (I use Hero brand)
1/4-1 tsp baking soda (I use 1/2 tsp)

Mix the liquid together, add the baking soda and guzzle.   I have been taking it first thing in the AM on an empty stomach lately.  Yes, I still feel it going down, but the flavor is no longer prohibitive.  It almost tastes "good" as the peach blends very well with the ACV... better than anything else I have found.  Apple Cider comes in at a close second.  The peach nectar cost more than other juices, but it lasts a while at just 2 TBS per dose.  I get it through my food coop, but I've seen it at Price Cutter...or was it Dillon's?

Raw apple cider vinegar is good, but the cheaper, grocery store stuff works just fine.  Be careful that it's actually made from apples vs. flavored/colored distilled vinegar.

For an explanation of WHY to take it, see this older post: Cold Cocktail

In addition to cold sores and sniffles, I was glad to take it when a stomach flu hit me.  I took it as often as possible away from meals or right before.

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