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September 3, 2011

Healthified Ramen

Ok, I admit it...I have a "thing" for cheapo ramen noodles.  I haven't actually eaten them in years, but the longing is still there.  I used to like them on the soggy side and would always rebelliously add the flavor packet DURING cooking.  I suppose it wasn't really the noodles I was craving, but the salt and flavorings.  If I was feeling guilty, I would add some frozen peas or corn to make it "healthy".  Yeah right.

Years later, I have found a "natural" version that has "acceptable to me" ingredients.
Specifically, Koyo Lemon Grass Ginger Ramen.  Technically one package is one serving, but we STRETCH things here by adding protein and extra salt...which is really what the flavor packet is anyway, mostly.
No soy, no MSG or "natural flavor", no super ubber long names.  I could, in theory, make it from scratch in my kitchen if I had the time, tools and the inclination.  There is one or two other flavors this brand carries that are acceptable as well, but I prefer this one.  It is in the "fun treat" category of our food repertoire as it contains wheat, "heirloom" wheat (whatever that means), but wheat none the less.  I always have to make a special effort to chew, chew, chew...too easy to be in a hurry, especially with ramen, as it has a tendency to slurp up and slide down in one fell swoop.

Healthified Ramen (Variations)

Base: (AKA things I always add)
Coconut Oil
Unflavored beef gelatin
Koyo Lemon Grass Ginger Ramen
Flavor packet
Extra Salt

Extras: (AKA...things I add depending on mood and availability)
Fresh Mushrooms...usually Crimini
Dried Mushrooms (Oyster mushrooms are a particular favorite)
Leftover brats
Leftover meatloaf
Leftover spaghetti sauce
(beat the egg and drizzle into hot broth while stirring in a circle...going for the whirlpool thing...right before removing from burner)
Onion - color or type doesn't matter
Cane Sugar/Cream of Tartar to balance
ACV or Rice vinegar
Red Pepper Flakes
Hot Pepper Oil

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  1. Sounds yummy.

    Thanks for sharing with us at
    Simply Delish Saturday

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Jenn, try adding cubed potatoes to the pot of cold water and boil until almost softened. Then add your noodles and flavor packet. When just about done, add an egg or two and top with shredded cheddar or other cheese. My hubbie learned to make it this way when he was stationed in Korea. (Carol - ladyliberty)