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September 3, 2011

Aloe Dew

Aloe Vera Juice is very good for you and your intestinal health.  It aids in the assimilation of nutrients from other foods (it's a carrier) and helps with both "too fast" and "too slow" elimination situations.  It is reported to contain all the vitamins, except Vit D.  I have used it with much success in emergency situations for critters needing electrolyte/hydration support.

The taste is, well, um, how shall I describe it?  Distinctive.  I don't care for the flavor myself and it takes a lot of something else to hide it.  That is, until I discovered the perfect beverage, quite by accident.

Aloe Dew
1 part Aloe Vera Juice
1 part Mountain Dew Throwback (sugar, NOT HFCS)
Pinch of salt and/or liquid mineral drops
Cream of Tartar, as needed

This is GOOD...the combination enhances the flavor of both, not just covers up.  DS, who likes aloe vera juice even less than I do and who is a kind of  "princess and the pea" when it comes to aloe vera juice, actually made this on his own......on purpose....so you KNOW, it's gotta be good.  (You can NOT hide aloe vera from him, he can taste even the most minuscule amount....even when you are SURE you've been tricky enough.)

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