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September 3, 2011

Avocado - How do I love thee? Let me count the ways......

Avocado Salad with Beets and freshly squeezed Lemon
An avocado, like a potato, has a small amount (about 4%) of high quality protein, like an egg.  It's very high in potassium and mono-unsaturated fat, similar to olive oil.  It does contain some polyunsaturated fat, so it's good to add some coconut oil for balance.  It does contain some sugars, mostly in the form of fiber.


Avocados can be frozen for later use if they are mixed well with lemon juice before freezing.  ("They" say the texture doesn't hold up well if left whole. ) I have done this quite successfully using the juice of one lemon for every two avocados.  I added additional juice to the top of the jar to prevent browning, just in case.  I don't know if it needed the extra or not, but it worked.

How do I know when an avocado it ready to eat?  The skin color changes from bright green to dark green/black as the fruit softens. No squeezing (which causes bruising) necessary. ;)

People with latex and other allergies should be cautious about eating avocados.  Forced ripening and injury causes the fruit (bananas and chestnuts too ) to make increased levels of chitinases, an enzyme that can cause issues in latex sensative people.  Organic fruit not subject to gas ripening may have lower levels.  Cooking may inactivate the enzymes.

Avocado Sandwich
Slice or two of bread*
Slather mayo, preferably homemade, onto bread
Layer avocado slices onto bread
Drizzle with coconut oil (unless it's in the mayo already)
Salt/Pepper to taste

Optional Extras
Homegrown, crispy bacon with gelatin
Leftover chicken pieces with gelatin
A slice of white cheese

Avocado Halves
Take an avocado, slice in half.
Take the half and cut with a butter knife vertically and horizontally, making a checker board pattern
Sprinkle generously with salt
Drizzle with lemon juice and coconut oil.
Squeeze gently at the bottom and eat as the pieces pop out.

Pit will usually pop out on it's own when the half is gently squeezed from the bottom.

Avocado Salad
Take an avocado, cut in half and twist to open
Make a criss cross pattern in the fruit and squeeze gently to remove from skin into a bowl or plate
Drizzle generously with coconut oil
Drizzle with fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice
Salt to taste

Optional Extras
Peach slices
Fresh cut orange sections or mandarins
Cheese curds or bite sized cubes
Feta crumbles
Beets - pickled, fresh roasted or canned
(Hint: commercially canned whole beets retain slightly more flavor than the sliced version,  nothing like making your own though.)

Avocado Dressing
Coconut Oil
ACV or Citrus juice (lemon, lime and/or orange)

Mush with a fork leaving a few chunks or blend together for a whipped, thicker dressing. Serve over fruit or root vegetables....like an out of the ordinary potato salad.

Guacamole (Of course!)
Coconut Oil
Lemon or Lime juice (ACV in a pinch, but the flavor isn't the same)

Optional Extras
Chilis or a touch of cayenne powder
Sugar/COT (I add this if using canned tomatoes or commercial salsa)

Add ingredient to a bowl sized at least twice as big as the avocado in order.  You can keep it chunky or mush with a fork after adding the oil, salt and juice.  Add other ingredients as desired. Fold gently and serve with homemade tortilla chips or on top of quesadillas or......

One restaurant I went to actually served the guacamole WITH the pit...said it kept it from browning as fast....don't know if that's true or not....it didn't last long enough to find out.

* There was a time when Alvarado St. Bakery was a small bakery that made wonderful, sprouted whole grain breads that were flourless, naturally sweet and weird ingredient-free.  The bread was local and lovely and FRESH and made spectacular avocado sandwiches. Those days are gone......

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  1. This post makes me hungry. We have an avocado tree in our back yard, and they're almost ready to be picked.... I can't wait! I love avocados in sandwiches.