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September 29, 2011

Aloe Up

For those times when you are not wanting the caffeine of a Aloe Dew (or there isn't any in the fridge or even worse, you're out!) this make a good runner up....Aloe Up!

Aloe Up
1 part 7 Up "retro" (sugar, NOT HFCS)*#
1 part aloe vera
pinch of salt or liquid minerals
fresh squeezed lemon juice (optional, but very tasty)
Cream of tartar (optional, if not using lemon)

*disregard the packaging, I am of the personal opinion that everything 70's is better off staying buried.

# or Sierra mist or other similar type....I think 7 up tastes slightly "less fake" than Sierra Mist, but it's a pretty minor difference.

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