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August 3, 2010

Gummy Candy-NO CORN SYRUP!

Last fall, I started trying to add more gelatin to my diet, so did a search for corn syrup free gummy worms. I found something I liked at The Frugal Kiwi

I have since played with and modified the original recipe to my needs. Here is it's current incarnation....

Gummy Candy

3-4 cups fruit juice
1/2-1 cup cane sugar
2-4 tsp cream of tartar
1 cup gelatin (1 cup = 16 TBS)
Dab of coconut oil
Pinch of salt

Fruit Juice concentrate (optional, but intensifies the fruit flavor)

Mix sugar and gelatin together, then add to cool juice. Less liquid will give a chewier "bite" but will also make it harder for the gelatin to dissolve...it's a fine balance. Give it time to absorb, about 1-2 minutes at least....more if using less liquid. Heat on low or medium and stir frequently. When the liquid is clear, not cloudy, then you can pour into greased molds. I used coconut oil....or you can just melt the oil into the gelatin. When I used ice cube trays, the recipe overflowed the trays a little, meaning the cubes ended up being all connected. That was good though, because it helped to get them out when they were cool. I now use a lasagna or boiler pan and slice into 16 strips or cubes so I know how many TBS of gelatin I am getting. Thin strips seems to have a better "bite" than thicker cubes, but it tastes good either way. : )

I have used OJ, Pomegranate & Lime, Cherry, Cranberry etc. for juices and they are all yummy. Some are naturally sweeter or thicker than others, hence the variation in sugar and liquid. Play with it, there are no rules....except to make sure there are no clumps BEFORE you heat the juice...or you will spend FOREVER trying to get them out later.

Someday......you know, when I'm rolling in extra funds......I'd like to get some molds for gummy candy making. I made one, ONCE, out of foil on my wire cooling rack. It made wonderful, thin, long "worms." It took longer to make the mold than to make the gummies and the foil was too delicate and tore in a few spots while I was taking them out, so NOT reusable.  Bummer.      

Edited to add:  The cream of tartar adds extra "tart" which my taste buds like and extra potassium, which my body likes.  You can ramp it up or down, as needed.                                                                   


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  1. This recipe is SO cool! I have a seven year old at home that would love these!

    Thanks for linking up at Family Food Fridays!

  2. this looks great - curious though why you want more gelatin in your diet, and do you use a special kind?

  3. I prefer beef gelatin and buy it in bulk. It's significantly cheaper than buying it in the little packets...$15/lb or so difference. We can go through 5 lbs in a month, so that adds up REALLY fast.

    Here's an article about the benefits of gelatin.

  4. I bought some cute little bug bug chocolate molds with the intention of making my own gummies for my son's messy party (I found them on Amazon for $2 each, many different styles, and just added them to an existing order of sardines for free shipping). In the interest of making life a little easier and not going crazy with party details I ended up getting Yummy Earth gummy worms but I'll definitely be giving these a try in the future. What a great way to have treats AND get more gelatin in the kiddos' diets.

  5. Trying these tonight with mango juice. My fiancé has a hard time giving up candy. I'm hoping this will substitute!

  6. I love it when people take things to the next level! Yours sounds delicious.

  7. Hi! I'm allergic to corn, and it has been quite hard to find candy without corn syrup! This recipe sounds delicious! Just to say, however, I've also found that the gummy bears and gummy penguins at Trader Joe's has no corn starch or corn syrup. Again, thanks for the recipe! :)

  8. Hi there! I was wondering what effect the cream of tartar has on the gummies? This is the first gummy recipe I've seen to call for it.