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October 3, 2010

Thai Style Potato Soup

Thai Style Potato Soup
Potatoes and/or Sweet Potatoes 
Coconut Milk
Shrimp (optional)
Basil (optional)
Unrefined Salt
Green/Red Curry paste
Dried Mangoes (optional)
Sucanat/Rapadura (optional)
Cream of Tartar (optional)

Cut up the potatoes, place in pan and cooked covered in broth.  When potatoes are tender add pineapple, mangoes (if you have them, fresh or frozen would work too) coconut milk, salt and curry paste.  Be careful with the paste, a little goes a long way.  Add gelatin, basil and sweeten to taste.  Extra sugar will help cut the "burn" if you've added too much curry.  Use approximately 1/4 tsp of Cream of Tartar per tablespoon of sugar.  Add the shrimp at the very end, if you use it, when the burner is already turned off.  They will be done before you can fetch the bowls for serving.

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  1. Hi Jenny, thank you so much for sharing with us on the hearth and soul hop again this week. This soup looks very filling with the potatoes, but delicate with the coconut milk and the shrimp. I also love combining ingredients that don't seem to go together in my mind, but create an amazing meal in the bowl! Thanks again and have a great week! Alex@amoderatelife

  2. I'm absolutely jumping up and down for joy because I love potato soup (a winter staple in my house), and I love green curry. I'm having a "you put peanut butter in my chocolate" moment! Hurray. Thank you so much for sharing with the Hearth and Soul hop. I can't wait to try making this!!!

  3. Jenny,
    this soup sounds so good - and easy! I didn't know the sugar trick - I have needed it before! Thanks for sharing this with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop!

  4. Such exotic flavors...never would have thought to combine them all in a soup...but now I WANT to! YUM :D Thanks for sharing this with the hearth and soul hop this week!

  5. We love potato soup. Some of my family would like this, but not all. Maybe I'll try it for lunch one day and then those who don't like it can have something else. Thanks for linking up!

  6. Hi Jenny! I wanted to thank you again for linking this recipe with the Hearth and Soul hop this week. I'm so excited by this flavor combo that I've decided to feature your recipe in my Best of the Blog Hop.

  7. Awe shucks....

    So are you a pea size curry gal or a golf ball size curry gal?

  8. never had this type of soup
    looks yummy