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October 3, 2010

Grinding Salt

I buy my unrefined sea salt in bulk....cheap.  It's not ground and an average size piece can be the size of an eraser on the back end of a pencil.  I was grinding it in my suribachi or mortle and pestle, but it was SLOW.

I decided to invest in a salt mill with a ceramic grinder as I have read they hold up better to "wet" salt.  I chose the Kyocera brand because it got good reviews.  The "white" fine grinder is ok for a pinch or dash of salt, but a little slow for the volume we usually need.  The "yellow" course grinder is wonderful and we can salt our potatoes in just a few turns.

It helps tremendously to prevent caking to NOT grind over steaming food, but to instead, grind into the cap and then sprinkle over the food.  I think the black adjustable grinder might be a good choice as well, but it had mixed reviews as to the ease of adjusting the grind.  Based on my experience with these, next on my WISH LIST is the coffee mill with ceramic grinders for large batches.

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