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October 23, 2010

Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee Ice Cream
(modified from the "Joy of Cooking"***)

1/2 cup strong coffee ( I used an OG Kona blend...on sale, of course)
1.5 cups sugar
1/2 tsp unrefined salt

dissolve and let cool a bit

2  beaten fresh eggs
2.5 cups fresh whole milk
1 cup fresh cream
1 tsp vanilla

add slightly cooled coffee mix slowly to cold cream mix while stirring

chill over night  and churn in a well chilled ice cream maker

Garnish with shaved chocolate, if desired


(***It takes work to keep a cow for fresh milk and chickens for eggs...why ruin that with scalding and such?)

Monday Mania


  1. I was waiting to see if you did that 'scalding' thing. I have raised a family on old-fashioned ice cream with raw eggs and killed nary a one!

    Yours sounds a little sweeter than Mom's old fashioned recipe that makes a gallon but sounds very good.

    Now that I have figured out my sneaky cow....I have a ready supple of cream. I figured she is about 7.6 BF! Amazing.


  2. This IS a sweet ice cream. I've been playing with the recipe...using more cream, different sugars, cocoa powder etc.

    Your cow is really blossoming, isn't she?!