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October 14, 2010

"Hot" Chocolate

I'd be hard pressed to think of anything more cozy and satisfying on a cold morning than a cup of real hot chocolate....except maybe real hot chocolate with a large glob of whipped cream.

Allow for 1 cup of fresh milk per person, but only make what you will use immediately...it doesn't carry over well, in my opinion.

Fresh Milk
Cocoa powder
OG Sugar or sucanat

If you are meticulous, you can measure the dry ingredients exactly and mix together until fairly smooth, then add to the milk.  If you are like me, you will just eyeball it, tossing straight into the milk and call it good.  I use 1 part cocoa powder to 2 parts sugar...mostly because it's easier to remember that way.  I add a small pinch of salt for one or 2 glasses and a large, 3 finger pinch for anything above that. Heat at "egg" temperature, a low medium heat and whisk until the cocoa is melted into the milk.  You don't HAVE to use a whisk but it really, really makes it easier and go faster.  Add vanilla at the end.  Watch out for extra ingredients like HFCS in the vanilla.  It's done when the side of the pot feels comfy in your hand.  Any more than that will kill the enzymes in the milk.  

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  1. We do this at our house also. I got some packaged hot chocolate mix in a basket of other things as a Christmas gift. Still have it.

  2. My 9yo daughter just asked me 10 minutes ago for a non-packaged hot chocolate recipe!

  3. Wonderful! Those packages creep me out. I'm so glad you posted this just in time for cocoa season - thanks for sharing today!
    xo, Sustainable Eats