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October 7, 2011

Sauted Brats and Peach Stew

The problem:

SOMEONE picked all the meat and most of the peaches out of the Goat and Coconut Peach Stew so went I went to reheat some, it was basically rice and broth. 

The solution:

I grabbed a package of brats out of the freezer and soaked them in a large bowl of cold water in the sink.  Meanwhile, I started to heat some coconut oil in a large fry pan and sliced some onion in for sautéing.  Adding salt and stirring occasionally, I got the soup reheating with some extra peaches, coconut milk and gelatin.  I added the brats, cut up into bites sized pieces.  When the brats were cooked, the "broth"  was done too and the brats and onions went in with the broth and Brats and Peach stew was born.

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