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October 29, 2011

"Mulled" Coffee

Out of curiosity, instead of tossing the mulling spices strained out of the hot cider, I decided to experiment with some leftover coffee. It worked well, reminiscent of pumpkin pie, kinda sorta.  I might try adding the spice directly to the grounds when I make a fresh pot.

Mulled Coffee
Leftover Coffee
Pinch of Salt (if not already in the coffee)
Beef Gelatin (approx. 1 TBS per serving)
Mulling Spice
Cane Sugar to taste

Fresh Milk or Cream

  1. Add ingredients in order to cold coffee and let sit for a minute or so while the gelatin absorbs the liquid. Save the milk for later.
  2. When the gelatin is ready, heat on medium low for about 15 minutes. stirring occasionally.
  3. Prepare the serving cups or mugs with some hot water in each.  Let sit until the coffee is hot. (If your kitchen is a cool as mine right now, this is mandatory to prevent tepid coffee.)
  4. Fill the mugs halfway with milk or a quarter full of cream and add strained coffee.

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