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November 12, 2010

Maple Onion "Pie"

or "How to eat the same thing over and over and yet try to make it interesting."  

We eat a LOT of potatoes now a days.

Shredded potatoes
Small onion, shredded
Munster cheese
Real Maple syrup
coconut oil
unrefined sea salt

Coat the bottom and sides with a heavy layer of coconut oil.  Added potatoes and salt heavily.  Shred cheese (I used Munster, but any white cheese will do) and onion together and layer on top.  Drizzle lightly with maple syrup.  Maple syrup is NOT cheap, but helps balance the sugars in the onion.  Maple syrup is higher in glucose than fructose, onions are higher in fructose than glucose.  If you don't have it available, better to substitute a little cane sugar or leave it out than use honey.

BAKE at 350* for an hour or so.  Cooking time varies on how thick you layer the potatoes.

This is nice drizzled with apple cider or red wine vinegar...even Ketchup Boy thinks so.

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  1. This just sounds yummy to me...saw it when I was posting my recipe at GF Wed....I love the combination! :)

  2. That's very interesting about the sugars. I like the flavors in this. Are you supposed to bake it?

  3. YES, you are supposed to bake it. I've fixed the post now. Thank you for catching that!