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November 14, 2010

Cream of Leftover Soup

Fresh Cream/Milk
Unrefined sea salt/Seasoning
Coconut Oil

I had some leftover diced potatoes with ketchup, mustard and salt already on them. (My seasoning!)  I sliced a single brat sausage (custom processed from a milk fed pig) into bite size pieces.  I heated them up in a pan with the oil.  The sausage had already been cooked in coconut oil and there was extra oil that had solidified when the sausage was stored.  I added the gelatin (a TBS per 1/4 lb of meat at least) and some cream/milk to cover.  When it was hot enough to eat, but not too hot as to kill the enzymes in the cream/milk, I added some extra salt to taste and served with a few apple slices on the side. It was a surprisingly big hit!

An alternative would be to dice the apples small and serve IN the soup.

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  1. Haha, I like the name! It's also an inspiration, because you really can make cream of whatever soup out of leftovers!

  2. Hello! Your blog looks so 'yummy' :)
    I had to laugh when I saw the name of this recipe. We often have what we call 'leftover extravaganza' (not sure of the spelling?!) it usually turns out really well. Basically, we just dump all the leftovers together unless it obviously would not go good.

    Looking forward to browsing some more.

    In Christ, Joanne in Monett