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November 14, 2010

Herb Toss! (or making bone broth)

I normally make broth with just bones, onion tops, a few glugs of ACV, unrefined salt and water to cover.  In addition to bones available from processing an animal, I save my bones from meals and onions top/skins in the freezer.  It's the connective tissue and the stuff INSIDE the bones that adds gelatin to the broth.

I decided to clean out the "cupboard" a bit today.  I tossed in older carrots that were never going to get eaten, some celery seed from who knows when, some dried parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

It sure looks pretty!  This is when it is just coming to a boil.  Right after taking a picture, I turned the stove way down to just above the lowest setting and covered.  it will cook for about 12-24 hours or when I get around to straining it.

UPDATE:  Here's the final result, 24 hours later.

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  1. Hi Jenny, for some reason, the linky this week is acting up. I went in to change your URL and replace it, but linky tools is still not allowing it to click through. I am very sorry for this. I will tweet your page directly from here. I adore bone broth. I made some beef marrow broth and some chicken broth just the other day. I usually make it in my crock pot. What size ball jars are those? I really like them! I dont usually use a lot of herbs in my stock either, but you know what? I might just try it now! Be adventurous right? All the best and hopefully next week the linky will love you again! thanks for sharing on the hearth and soul hop! hugs! Alex

  2. I bet your herb toss added fabulous flavor...and you're right...very pretty! I need to fill up my freezer w/ broth...it's dwindled. Thanks so much for sharing w/ the hearth and soul hop this week :D

  3. That looks absolutely gorgeous - I never think to put herbs in my broth but I bet it gave it a beautiful aroma and taste! Thanks so much for linking this to the hearth and soul hop!

  4. Jenny,

    This cold weather has got me in the mood for warm comfort food and I can just imagine how good that broth smells. LOVE it and you've got it to use throughout the year! Thanks for linking to Hearth 'n Soul!!


  5. I always laugh when I see fancy chefs on tv insist on making broth out of fresh chunks of meat and fresh perfect veg. Ok, fine, I bet it tastes nice. But that's not how my kitchen works. Where I come from, broth is all about economy, about having a place to use scraps of veg, and leftover bones, and other bits and pieces, and squeezing some more goodness out of them. And my broth gels up and tastes amazing. I bet yours does, too :)

  6. Those jars wide mouth freezer safe pints...the proportions got a little distorted when the picture loaded...too tall. I DO have a few 20 oz freezer jars that do look like that though. They are wonderful. I wish they still made them.