Waste or mistakes never happen in a farm kitchen.....only future animal or plant food.

November 24, 2010

Frittata Soup

Chopped Leftover Frittata,
Herb Toss Broth
Water to rinse gelatin out of broth jar
Leftover BBQ Brisket with gelatin
Diced potatoes
Diced tomatoes
Glug of vinegar (ACV, red wine, or balsamic)
Unrefined salt to taste

My leftover brisket add so much fat, I didn't need to add any extra fat.  In fact, I added extra vinegar to cut the fat.  It seems to help lessen the clinginess of the fat globules or mouth feel of the fat.  Toss all the ingredients in the pot, heat, correct the seasoning and serve.

Real Food Wednesday

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