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August 12, 2011

Orange Fig Sauce

Take the Fig Chutney and replace the vinegar with Orange Juice and leave out the sugar....unless you are using it for a dessert sauce, you don't need it.  Go easy on the salt too. Actually, we made an over salty batch of rice and so needed to completely remove it from the sauce. (Verbally teaching someone else to cook...2 handfuls PLUS beef broth was a bit too much, even for me.)

So you don't have to click to the other page....

Orange Fig Sauce
3/4 cup All fruit Fig preserves
8-10 TBS unflavored beef gelatin
1/2-1 cup Orange Juice (depends on desired thickness of sauce)
Pinch of salt (optional)

We poured generously over a slice of homegrown ham and a side of jasmine rice.

Simply Delish

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