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August 2, 2011

Accidental Chocolate Pudding - GF, no cornstarch

I am a huge fan of the taste and even more so, the texture of Fudgsicles.  I haven't had one in years...not since I used to walk home from school and pass by the Corner Store every day, I think.  I do NOT like the ingredients....NOT something I ever paid attention to back then.  I also do NOT like the texture of "homemade" fruit juice popsicles, with only the top bite being soft where the solids have massed during the freezing period and the rest of it being hard, icy flakes.  I wanted something that would be uniform in texture and tasty through out.

So here is attempt #1.......

2 cups of cane sugar
1 cup of gelatin
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1/2 tsp Cream of Tartar
1 tsp sea salt

6 cups Fresh milk, skimmed  (I used the milk leftover from skimming the cream for ice cream.)

Mix the above dry ingredients together until well blended, no clumps of cocoa or gelatin.  Slowly add part of the milk to the dry ingredients, about 2 cups or so, to make a smooth syrup.  Heat at a low/medium temperature for a few minutes to dissolve the gelatin.  Remove from heat, and stir to cool.  When the temperature is low enough (you can touch the sides of the pot with bare hands), add the rest of the milk slowly, stirring to combine as you go.

When it was completely blended, I went to look for my popsicle molds.  By the time they were rinsed off, (a tad dusty) and drying in the rack, the mixture had set to a perfect pudding consistency.  There is a batch of actual popsicles in the freezer getting cold.  It will take a few hours to make a verdict on that...but served warm, it sure makes a good pudding!

BTW...1/2 cup of this stuff has 12.8 g of protein...no wonder it's so filling!

The Verdict:  The texture was very consistent....but way, way too much gelatin for a popsicle. 

I am going to attempt to add extra milk to the current unfrozen leftovers and see what I get.

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