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May 18, 2011

'Shroom and Tater Scramble

I am liking our food coop more and more.  I can get fresh mushrooms for about half the cost of the grocery store.  I LOVE sautéed mushrooms...they have an amazing ability to infuse themselves with all the flavor you add to the mix.

So this is what I made with an abundance of homegrown eggs, fresh crimini mushrooms and potatoes that need to get used before they sprout.....

Canned potatoes would work in a pinch.

Coconut oil (medium low heat)
1 small potato per person, sliced
Equal parts mushrooms, halves or quarters
Salt to taste
Chili powder (optional)
1-2 eggs per person

Add ingredients in order listed.  Clean and cut potatoes as the oil is heating and add to pan.  The potatoes will cook as you do the same for the mushrooms. Add the spices and test a potato...adjust as needed.  Add the eggs whole, then scramble in the pan. I like to use 2 eggs for breakfast and 1 egg for a light supper. Mix with other ingredients towards the end of cooking.  Serve when eggs are just firmed, but still moist.

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