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May 15, 2011

Deep Fried Beef

If you want stew meat that is soft and tender (easy to chew) try deep frying.  We keep a pot of coconut oil on the stove at all times. As an experiment one day, I decided to try frying some stew meat (chuck)  to see if I could cook it quickly without it becoming tough to chew.  It was a tremendous success!  They are tasty as a snack with just salt and a cup of sugar bomb coffee with gelatin or as a complete meal with a sweet and sour gelatin sauce and rice.
Heat the oil for frying and cook any sides you might want first (ummm...like french fries.)  Have an appropriate utensil ready.  Take the pieces and individually drop them carefully into the oil.  By the time all of it is in there, they're done! Strain and serve.

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