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December 9, 2011

Boiled Potatoes with Ham Hock Broth

We had some fencing work to do lately.  Seems to be a never ending project on a farm.......

I knew we were going to be exhausted and SORE....well, I was anyway. I threw a .60 lb homegrown, smoked hock in the slow cooker, added potatoes, salt, gelatin, caraway and water and turned it on low for the day. 

1 Hock, milk fed Ossabaw Hog
Potatoes to fill (about 10-15 medium), peeled, whole
Salt (not sure, a lot...but we still ended up adding more to our bowls)
Gelatin (about 10 TBS)
Caraway (about 5-8 individual seeds)

We came back in the evening after we got one section cleared, 5 posts, one line of wire and the concrete poured. No, we're not done yet...but the end is visible. ;)

This was PERFECT!  We were too tired to eat, but too hungry (and thirsty) not to eat. It was simple faire, but very satisfying and the only effort after a long day was adding the extra salt.  

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