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August 5, 2010

Gelatin Fruit "Custard"

I LOVE this recipe...you can alter the ingredients to make it for a snack/meal or make it down right decadent for a dessert. I use the gummy candy recipe with orange juice (not from concentrate) for a base. I use either a large pyrex casserole dish with a lid if I am making it for home consumption or smaller individual sized glass pyrex with lids for traveling. I am particularly fond of sliced peaches or strawberries, but have also used cherries, blackberries and blueberries.

Depending on the natural sweetness of your fruit, you may need to supplement with sugar and cream of tartar. A commercial peach might need 1-3 TBS of additional sugar/cream of tartar to equal the taste of a tree ripened peach off your own tree. Rapadura/Sucanat doesn't work well in this recipe because of the color and not dissolving well before it sets.

Layer fruit in the bottom of a dish (or dishes)
Sprinkle with pinch of unrefined salt
Sprinkle with OG sugar/cream of tartar mix as needed (1/4 tsp CT/TBS sugar)
Cover fruit with WARM gummy base
Add fresh milk or cream while stirring gently
You can include a dash of vanilla extract, if desired.

If you use frozen fruit, some of the gelatin will solidify faster than the rest making for some variation in textures that can be quite good. I use my own milk from my own animals in this recipe and like to preserve the enzymes by keeping it less than 118*, hence the emphasis on warm vs hot gummy base. This would apply to the fruit as well if it's raw vs canned.

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