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January 27, 2013

Milk and Honey AKA Perfection in a Glass

One of my favorite snacks growing up was a tall, cold glass of milk and a spoonful of honey.  We are currently experiencing a glut of fresh, CREAMY milk, so I'd thought I'd share how I am resolving such a serious problem.

The milk MUST be cold.  The whole point is to be able to drink the milk from the spoon while tasting small amounts of honey with each sip.

Yes, you are mostly eating straight honey in the beginning.  It's like a honey lolly pop.  The honey eventually fades (or drips to the bottom of the cup) and each sip has more and more milk.

In the end, if you have enough honey for those last few sips, but not too much, and the milk isn't too sweet from dissolved honey, you have successfully accomplished the art of Milk and Honey.

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1 comment:

  1. There is nothing wrong with a honey lolly pop, lol!
    I've never had this treat and think I've missed out on something great here. Your details of how to sip this from a spoon really draw me in. Thank you for linking up this week.