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July 22, 2011

Stoveless Sweet Tea (Fresh Brewed SunTea)

Supplies Needed
Sun Tea after an hour or so outside
  • Sunny porch railing, picnic table etc for letting tea set safely for a spell.
  • Large glass jar
  • Cover to keep bugs out (lid, cloth and rubber band, plate that fits just right) that the cat won't knock over.
  • 2nd lidded glass jar or pitcher for holding finished tea
  • Black Tea of choice (loose or bagged)
  • Cane sugar (Rapadura, Sucanat, C&H, evaporated cane juice, whatever)
  • Cream of Tartar (adds lemony taste and potassium)
  • Baking Soda, optional (just picked this tip up recently here, cuts the tannin taste)
  • Strainer (if using loose tea)
  • Funnel (if 2nd jar has a narrow top)
  • Lots of ice!
Finished...brew time 1/2 day
Fill jar number one with desired amount of tea.  I like 1 1/2 TBS loose leaf per half gallon.  Add water, leave some extra room if you prefer a high sugar to tea ratio, otherwise fill to top if your 2 jars are similar in size.  Let sit for half a day or overnight.

When it looks like the right color for you, add sugar to 2nd jar using a funnel, if necessary, and pour finished tea, straining as you go...unless tea bags were used.  The displacement of water by the tea leaves should leave room enough for displacement of water by the sugar.  Cap tightly and shake vigorously or turn upside down a few times to dissolve sugar.  It won't take long as the water will be warm from the outside heat.  Add baking soda and cream of tartar to the main jar or the individual glasses. Add ICE to glasses, pour and enjoy.

If you actually have leftover tea, it should keep for a day or so.  Fresh brewed is best though, so start your next batch accordingly.

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