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July 4, 2011

Piggies...for fun and food

Pan Fried Ham Steak (the ham bone is smaller than my thumb)

 Our motivation for getting pigs was for good, clean meat.  Our motivation for continuing to keep pigs is for entertainment....with food as an added bonus.   The remaining boys are going to their appointment tomorrow.  We will lure them into the truck this evening and head out early in the AM.  We will miss their antics...but we will be needing the buck pens for the bucks in about 2 weeks.

We ate the above pictured ham for breakfast with some sweet and sour gelatin sauce over rice.  I just cooked it quick over medium heat in a little coconut oil.  

Taking a bath
The runt

"Ham"....every part of his body jiggles
Side by side view shows the size difference

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