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January 27, 2011

Cheese and an Apple

Food doesn't have to be complicated or fancy to be tasty, nourishing and balanced.  We came in from a walk to day, hungry, tired and HOT.  Yeah, it's only 50 degrees...but compared to the 10 degrees we've been having, it's a little warm.

We sliced up an apple per person and about 2 oz of cheese.  I had a super sweet Arkansas Black Apple with 4 pepper Chevre spread on each slice.  Fabulous!  I love the combination of the sweet and savory.  For those that aren't familiar, Chevre is the goat version of Cream Cheese...without the guar gum and other fillers usually added to commercial versions.

Also good with the Arkansas Blacks is a nice chunk of Havarti.

Cheese and an apple is also  my go to food for traveling as good cheese doesn't need to be refrigerated, just kept from getting too hot.

P.S. I am so impressed by the keeping qualities of the Arkansas Blacks.  We brought home a box of them and they got left in the back of the truck too long and the chickens discovered them...unbeknown to me.  They got stored in the basement in their box, hen pecks and all.  All of them, except for one, are still in great condition...aside from the pecks of course.  We just cut those parts off and enjoy a sweet, crisp, DENSE apple going on 2 months later.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! This was my go-to when we were newer on the GAPS Diet too, and I was coming off of my sugar cravings! I ate havarti with apples. YUM! :)

  2. So, funny. We eat apples and cheese all the time. I agree, sometimes simple pleasures are the best. I am visiting from Pennywise Platter, by the way.

  3. Where did you find the Arkansas Black applies.
    None of the orchards I buy from has them.

    It is even hard to find an Ark/Black tree to plant in the orchard.

    We love the havarti cheese here too.


  4. I got the Arkansas Blacks from my food coop that buys from UNFI/Albert's. I do have a tree in my orchard, but it's a little young still.

    I got the tree from Stark Bros:

  5. Yum! There is *nothing* better than REAL food! :)

  6. we love fruit and cheese for meals!