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July 9, 2013

Cottage Cheese with Fresh Cherries

A fabulous summer meal or snack!  This mornings breakfast was a handful of fresh cherries cut in halves, sprinkled with a little sugar and salt and topped with 4% cottage cheese with no gums, stabilizers or fillers.

This also makes a wonderfully easy to go meal if made with frozen fruit.  I can pack a wide mouth, pint size mason jar with frozen fruit and cottage cheese with a single ice pack in a cooler bag and have it just right for eating 8 hours later.

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  1. My mom used to serve cottage cheese and peaches. I never thought to use other fruit. My son loves cherries--his favorite fruit. Will have to whip this up for him for breakfast. Thank you for linking, Jenny.

  2. I often have cottage cheese with fruit, but have never tried it with cherries. It sounds both delicious and nutritious! I like the idea of using frozen fruit as well, to help keep the cottage cheese cold.

  3. ha! sooo cool I've found your blog! awesome stuff here :)