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August 9, 2010

Orange "Julius", "Creamsicle" and Summer Eggnog

Some times it's too hot to cook and almost too hot to eat......on those days,  I like to make Orange "Julius"...a rich, nourishing, COLD meal in a glass.

1-2 eggs per serving
1 TBS OG sugar per egg
1/4 tsp cream of tartar per TBS of sugar
pinch of unrefined salt per serving 
OJ not from concentrate
Fresh milk or cream (optional)
Dash of vanilla (optional)

If you don't have access to REAL milk, leave it out.  I am using my own homegrown, forage fed eggs in this recipe.  If you don't have access to farm eggs....it might be better to make the "creamsicle" drink below.  This can be made in a blender, of course, but I like to use my shaker cup. It has the measurements on the side, so I don't make more than can be eaten in one sitting.  One glass is almost too much unless you have been doing hard labor.  

This drink is exquisitely yummy when using small, sweet frozen strawberries as ice cubes.  We picked ours at the local u-pick place down the road.  Grocery store strawberries pale in comparison.  Ours are already gone, have a mental note to pick a lot more next year.

If you have milk, but no eggs then you can make a "Creamsicle" type drink omitting the eggs.  The added sugar and cream of tartar could be reduced or omitted too, if using fresh (raw) milk because of it's natural sweetness.

The cream of tartar is for the potassium, an essential electrolyte...don't skip it if you are using added sugar.

If you have milk and eggs, but no OJ...add a little nutmeg and you have a summer eggnog!  

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  1. mmmmm...I love Orange Julius'! Great recipe...thank you for sharing it with Two for Tuesdays this week!

  2. Isn't it a shame what people that don't have farm-fresh eggs miss out on :( I never knew that about the cream of tartar and potassium. How interesting, thank you. This recipe is a perfect fit for Two for Tuesday.

  3. I am glad you explained the cream of tartar addition - I was wondering about it as I read your post - Orange Julius' are so yummilicious! Thanks for linking to Two for Tuesdays!

  4. It is so amazing to create a nutrient dense food like this out of such simple ingredients! I have raw milk and pastured eggs so I will be making this for dinner because the kids are away and I do not want to cook! :) Thanks for posting this on the two for tuesday recipe blog hop! :) Alex@amoderatelife

  5. I love all the options here. Orange Juliuses and creamsicles have always been favorites of mine.

    I'm glad you explained about the cream of tartar because I was wondering about its purpose. I didn't know it contained potassium.