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February 3, 2011

Thyroid Broth (Chicken Necks)

I ordered 40 lbs of "natural" chickens necks for making broth.  The necks still have the actual thyroid in them, so are a good source of the hormone.  There was some skin still attached too.  The 40 lbs was divided into 4 frozen SOLID chunks.  Fortunately, I had a SS pot large enough to accommodate the mass.

10 lbs chicken necks and skin
onion peels
dried parsely
water to cover
(a few goat ribs stuck in because they were in the freezer)

I put the full pot on the wood stove and let it do it's thing for a few days, until the necks fell apart and fat melted all the way.  It became the base for many soups in the following COLD days and nights.  It made a HUGE difference for me in staying warm at night.

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  1. Jen, where do you find a source for things like chicken necks?

    I don't mean to be nosy but we have put the dog on a diet of raw meat and chickens are a good way to do this. So far, all his skins and ear infections have gone away. It would be good to have a ready source.


    Glenda (Willow's owner))

  2. Not nosy at all.

    I tried to find local sources, but was unable to, for the moment. I purchased them online from Azure Standard, they deliver by truck once per month.

  3. I asked the butcher at Murfins about getting neck and backs in bulk and he looked at me like I was crazy. He told they did have dog bones....I priced them and decided against it! Way too expensive.

    Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Do all necks have a thyroid in them still?
    This is great!

  5. I don't think so. On larger animals, the thyroid is big enough to remove as a waste product, unfortunately.

  6. But all chicken neck still have it?
    I wonder if this is better than iodine for the thyroid?

  7. I won't say 100%, just because there may be exceptions, but they should...just by the nature of the processing. Not to get too graphic but the neck just pulls off, vs having to be cut.

    Yes, I think it's better than taking iodine. It's always better to use real food for nourishment when possible, rather than isolated substances. IMO

    This article discusses the thyroid with reference to iodine: