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February 3, 2011

Pad Thai ish Noodles (AKA Warm Toes Noodles)

It was - 14.4 degrees Fahrenheit when I got up this morning.   Yeah, a tad nippy.

I had just 2 pints left of my thyroid broth and was wanting something "saucy".  I used a little too much liquid for the amount of noodles, but it was still yummy and effective, even if a little soupy.

Soak the Thai style rice noodles in hot water for 8-10 minutes while cooking the sauce. Drain, mix with sauce and serve with fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice.

Sauce Ingredients: 
1 pint broth (1 cup would have been better in hindsight)
1 glop coconut oil
.5 oz dried shitake mushrooms, crumbled (they fell out of the cupboard when I was grabbing the coconut oil)
6 TBS Sucanat/Cream of tartar mix
6 TBS Beef unflavored gelatin
2-3 glops of unsweetened ketchup (to help use it up)
1-3 TBS red pepper flakes (to taste )
1-3 TBS Dried Lemon Grass
1-3 glugs of rice vinegar
Salt to taste

I noticed my bare toes were non icy feeling about 20 minutes after eating, hence the name.

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